Sunday, February 1, 2009

Finally Grant is Here!

Grant Michael Edens was born on January 23, 2009 at 7:53 am. Grant was born at 6 lbs 6 oz and 19 inches long. The delivery could not have gone any better. Grant had to go to a transition unit for a short period of time to make sure that his lungs were working properly and to make sure his temperature was regulating.

Grant and I were able to go home after only 3 days. I had an overwhelming happy feeling when I got home. After four weeks in the hospital and 6 weeks at home on bedrest we are SO GLAD to be at home. Parker is very glad to have his Mom back even if I still am not 100 %.

Our family was blessed to have Danna with us during the entire time of my bed rest to help take care of Parker, the house and the dog. Danna has really done a great job and we could not have done this without her.

Grant is doing great at home except that he and Parker both have a cold right now. Parker is a sweet big brother!

On Saturday, Scott and I had some pictures taken of the baby and the family. Check out for a sneak peak of some of those pictures.

More to come...

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Light at the End of the Tunnel!

I am still in the hospital at Kennestone. I am really enjoying the view and the four beige walls in my room. I was given one wheel chair ride per day starting on Friday. Scott took me down to the cafeteria for dinner. You would have thought we were at Panos and Pauls. Atleast I am able to get out of my room each day (as long as my BP is down).

The specialist is going to come in on Friday and see how the baby measures, weight, etc. Next Thursday 01-22 the specialist is going to perform an amniocentisis to determine if the baby's lungs are developed. If the baby is ready then the doc will schedule delivery Monday or Tuesday 01-26 or 01-27. Hopefully, Grant will be ready because I am ready to GO HOME!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

In the Hospital and FINALLY 34 weeks...

As many of you know I am at Kennestone Hospital. I was admitted last Tuesday morning when my BP got to 166/118. Since I have been in the hospital, my BP has stayed pretty good. Over the holiday and weekend the doc on call had a cardiologist come in to do a EKG and Echo Cardiagram. Everything came back okay but they decided to flood my system with medication. I could not stand up or function so I was not a big fan of the meds. The cardiologist was concerned that I had a high heart rate which is why they put me on so much medication.

On Monday morning my doc came back and changed everything back to when I was admitted. I am going to stay in the hospital until the baby is born. The risks of me being at home are too high to chance it. The doc said with erratic BP like I have that I could have a stroke, seizure or hemmorage causing the placenta and uterus to separate. Any of these risks could be fatal to me and/or the baby. My doc said that my heart rate is normal for a pregnant person.

I am 34 weeks today and could possibly go another three-four weeks depending on how things are going. (37 weeks is as far as I am going then I will wheel myself into the OR and take this baby out myself.) Just kidding, I have not completely lost it yet.

I just want to thank all of my family and friends for all of your support during this time. Thank you for all of the visits, email and phone calls. I certainly could not go through this without you! I want to ESPECIALLY thank my wonderful husband for being here for me and for just being the best husband that I could have ever asked for. I know that this is not easy on him either! Of course he never complains to me but I know he must get as frustrated as I do.

So, we will just take it day by day and try to stay positive. We can not wait to meet Baby Grant and this time next year I will have forgotten all about being on bed rest!

Until next time...

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

An update and sonogram pics of my angel!

I am still at home on complete bed rest. We went to the hospital on Sunday due to some high bp readings. I cried and prayed the whole way to the hospital to not be admitted. My prayers were answered when we got there and everything was okay. My bp had gone back to normal.

I went to the doc on Monday. Baby Grant is 4 lbs and 1800 grams. When he gets to 2000 grams then we are told that the chances of him having any complications if delivered go down significantly. The doc believes that we may get to 2000 grams by next Monday.

Grant looks perfect and is growing great. The fluid is still above normal, heart rate is good and he has now dropped head down. (I will still have a c section).

The doc does not think that I will make it to 36 weeks but anything after this week will be okay. I am 32 weeks tomorrow.

I am just hoping and praying to get through Christmas so that I can be at home with my precious boy and wonderful husband.

I will go back to the doc again on Friday. Here are some pics of sonograms that I am a little late at posting...

IT'S A BOY!!! Daddy is very happy. Parker's new best friend!

Sucking his thumb at 20 weeks.
His heart is actually shaped like a heart! On the same day, I noticed a heart shaped freckle on my belly. 27 Weeks.

Baby Grant's foot at 27 weeks.

Hang in there little guy! Just a few more weeks.
We love you!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

30 Weeks Down....6 Weeks to Go

I am 30 weeks today. My protein levels are rising, however they are not rising to the point that the doctor is worried. My kidneys and liver are functioning fine. My BP was very good. My doctor said that we are at a good point now. I am just hoping to be able to go another 6 weeks.

I had a sonogram today as well. Grant seems to be favoring Scott more than me. Grant is measuring two weeks ahead of schedule. The head is growing perfect. He is measuring very long. Hopefully, he will gain another 4 lbs in the next six weeks. Only time will tell.

So, I will remain in the horizontal position and continue to pray that everything is going to be just fine with both me and Grant.

PS Parker and I read the book "God Gave Us You" by Marianne Richmond on a regular basis. Last night, Parker said "Mommy...God is going to give us a baby brother just like in the book "God Gave Us You"! My heart absolutely melted!!!! Parker is so sweet.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Baby Grant is Getting Big...

I had two doc appointments this week. I had an ultrasound on Monday. Grant looks great and is growing big. My BP's stayed pretty normal until Wednesday. I had fairly high BP's on Wednesday with the highest being 159/117. Scott called the doc and the doc on call said for me to take another pill, call back in one hour if my BP did not go down and head to the hospital. Luckily, my BP did go back down to 140/90.

I went to my second appt on Thursday and BP was okay. I have to do a 24 hr urnine test on Sunday and turn it in to doc on Monday. Hopefully, I will not have any protein in my urine. I will have a Fetal Non Stress Test (NST) on Monday as well.

After my appointment I got a WONDERFUL massage at the doc's office. I feel much better!

Hopefully, we will have a good weekend with no issues! Until then...

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

No news is good news...

I had a doc appt this morning and things are looking okay for now. My bp is a little erratic but for the most part we are getting more good readings than bad. I am 28 WEEKS today...only 8 WEEKS to go!!!